Bio-markers for IVD manufacturing industry

Rekom Biotech has a wide portfolio of bio-markers for IVD manufacturing industry aimed at the identification of diagnosis of infectious diseases and allergies.

At Rekom Biotech we have specialized in the design and production of next-generation bio-markers: chimeras or multi-epitopes bio-markers which have improved their antigenic properties such as sensitivity and specificity.

Our last line of products are conjugated "ready-to-use" bio-markers, which can be used with multiple objectives: plate orientation, nanoparticle and gold binding, as detectors in immunocapture and immunometric formats, etc. In addition, formats such as ELISA-capture or ELISA-DAS can be used directly to reveal the IVD test.

Focused on reducing complexity of logistics and shipping costs, we lyophilize all our products. This significantly reduces the cost of transport, which also does not require dry ice anymore, and facilitates the entry of our product to a greater number of countries, without the need for intermediaries.

Our bio-markers are provided for research and commercial use in vitro: not for human in vivo or therapeutic use.

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