Design and production of biomarkers for IVD manufacturing industry

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Rekom Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on the design and production of validated biomarkers for human and animal infectious diseases. Its members have gained an extensive experience in several areas of science and biotechnology. The diversified experience of the executive team regarding growing microorganisms in bioreactors is to be highlighted.

On the one hand, the experience previously gained in private companies has allowed our team the optimisation of processes for growing and over-producing recombinant antigens in Escherichia coli by using bio-reactors in a fed-bach mode. This approach has enable us to reach bio-mass yields higher than the yields obtained in traditional shakers.

On the other hand, one of the members of our executive team was the Director of the research group in Bio-reactors for the Andalusian Government (BIO-110) for more than 23 years. We want to take advantage of this know-how to extend the bio-reactor usage to other microorganisms such as yeast or insect and mammalian cells for the production of heterologous recombinant proteins.

This knowledge regarding upstream production of bio-mass is complemented with our experience in developing downstream procedures oriented to the purification of macromolecules of protein nature, mainly recombinant antigens as biomarkers of human and animal infectious diseases.

Our experience in the development of recombinant antigens to be used as biomarkers for IVD diagnostic of human and animal infectious diseases, allows us to design and produce our own recombinant antigens meeting the requirements of the different platforms for IVD systems used nowadays.

R&D&i Techonology