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MEDICA is the largest medical fair in the world. It offers an incomparable supporting programme with practical information, forums for the exchange of ideas as well as events for training and further education. MEDICA provides the platform for innovative products and systems that make an important contribution to the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Place: Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: From 11/15/2021 to 11/18/2021

CACLP 2022

The China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) is considered as the largest expo and most influential conference in Chinese IVD industry. It focuses on clinical laboratory and in vitro diagnostics.

Place: China
Date: From 3/1/2022 to 3/3/2022

AVDC-China 2022

The Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference-China (AVDC-China) provides a forum for dissemination and exchange of the latest research progress, technological developments, and applied methods in veterinary laboratory diagnostic science, and assists to build veterinary laboratory diagnostic capacity for disease detection, surveillance, and monitoring, among other things.

Place: Zhengzhou, China
Date: From 6/21/2022 to 6/23/2022