Custom-made recombinant proteins

If you are a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic tests, and you want to develop a new assay, but you cannot find the appropriate protein on the market, we offer our design and production service of custom-made recombinant proteins. This service includes the initial design of the protein and its optimal production in Escherichia coli or in Pichia pastoris as heterologous expression systems.

We like to work closely with our customers to understand their problems and provide them with products totally adapted to their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will develop a custom plan to help you develop the test you are looking for.

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Study of the gene sequence, theoretical sequence analysis, selection of a heterologous expression system, selection of the optimal expression vector, design of the specific primers, codon optimization of the gene, etc.


Amplification by PCR, clone of the target DNA in a selected expression vector, validation of the selected clone by sequencing and restriction analysis. Possibility of using different fusion tails and different secretion peptides


Screening and selection of induction conditions, expression and solubility, MCB and WCB stocks production, for reproducibility of future lots, etc.


Obtention of the seed in batch by shaker and scale-up to bio-fermenters


Design of the complete process of purification of the target protein by using different chromatographic procedures, ultrafiltration, diafiltration, etc.


Optimization of the formulation of the protein storage buffer based on the use that will be subsequently given to the required protein


Purity, integrity, stability, macroaggregation and microaggregation (SEC), western blot analysis, Maldi-TOF and inmunoassays (western blot, ELISA)


Keeping you constantly informed on the project progress


Storage in sterile labeled plastic vials at -80oC until release. Shipped with dry ice as a refrigerant. Possibility of offering lyophilized protein

Custom-made recombinant proteins
Service detail:
  • The price of the service guarantees 3 to 5 mg of protein.
  • Purity greater than 95%, analysed by SDS-PAGE Coomassie-stained gels.
  • The purified protein can be sent with dry ice (liquid form) or at room temperature (lyophilised form), depending on the destination country.
  • A detailed data-sheet including the characteristics of the recombinant protein and QC performed will be provided.
  • The protein will be avaliable for futher bulk orders at reduced price by increasing the required amounts.
  • The custom-made service project will be divided into various work milestones. Each milestone will consist of a series of phases whose development will be explained in the quotation.

In order to apply for our services, you should contact us.

We ask you to fill up a questionnaire which allows us to adjust as much as possible to your requirements. Once we analyse your request, we will provide you with a quotation adapted to your inquiry. We have a commitment for complete confidentiality over all the data provided by customers and the generated data related to your project.