Recombinant Antigens for diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Rekom Biotech has a wide portfolio of recombinant antigens for human and animal infectious diseases in the fields of virology, bacteriology, parasitology and mycology.

Some of our recombinant antigens are pre-validate by ELISA and Western Blot assays with positive specimen sera. We also conjugate our antigens with biotin and peroxidase (HRP) to perform capture and DAS assays as an internal quality control. We are open to adjust the recombinant antigen to your particular needs regarding: purity, concentration, buffer conditions, pH, absence or presence of specific aditives, etc., according to the IVD platform you are using with these recombinant antigens. Trust in our technical team, they will find the perfect antigen option for your system.

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MEDICA is the largest medical fair in the world. It offers an incomparable supporting programme with practical information, forums for the exchange of ideas as well as events for training and further education. MEDICA provides the platform for innovative products and systems that make an important contribution to the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Place: Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: From 11/18/2019 to 11/21/2019