About us

Rekom Biotech is a biotechnology company focused on the design and manufacturing of IVD reagents for in vitro diagnostics. We offer high quality, validated and versatile raw material, suitable for use in the various platforms available on the market, among others: second and third generation ELISAs, immunochromatography, chemiluminescence, Western blot, dot-blot, etc.

We are committed to ensure the highest quality level in the design and manufacturing of our IVD reagents, following a rigorous quality control for each lot produced. Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Besides, as we are manufacturers, we can try to adapt our products to your needs, if any problem arises during the evaluation of our products.

Our portfolio includes a range of recombinant proteins for the diagnosis of humans and animals infectious diseases and allergies. These proteins can be utilized for various purposes, such as serving as raw material for antibody tests, acting as internal controls for antigen tests, and even functioning as immunogens to create antibodies. To ensure maximum effectiveness, these proteins are produced through a variety of different expression systems.

Our goal is to improve the antigenicity of our proteins, enhance sensitivity, and reduce potential specificity problems. Additionally, we provide many of these recombinant proteins in monobiotinylated and HRP-conjugated format.

In particular, we have specialized in the design and production of next-generation proteins: chimeras or proteins composed of multiple epitopes, which have improved their antigenic properties, such as sensitivity and specificity. Furthermore, another main advantage of the multi-epitope chimeric proteins is avoiding the use of protein mixtures in your assay. The limited number of binding sites and the different affinities of proteins for these sites could result in reproducibility issues.

In our portfolio you will also find: polyclonal antibodies, which can be used as raw material for an antigen test, or as an internal calibrator for an antibody test; and an inmunoassay blocker for anti-cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCD) antibodies, with which anti-CCD antibodies will be kidnapped, and the specificity of the assay will increase.

We also offer custom-made recombinant proteins and polyclonal antibodies service to support the R&D of IVD manufacturers that want to develop a new assay and cannot find the right reagent.

Mission and Vision


In Rekom Biotech our mission is to offer high quality IVD reagents to be used for the diagnosis of human and animal infectious diseases and allergies.

Our working philosophy gives priority to the establishment of alliances and collaborations which will allow us to set up new prototypes and develop new products.


Rekom Biotech wants to become a reference supplier of IVD reagents for human and animal infectious diseases and allergies.

We like to work closely with IVD manufacturers to understand their problems and provide them with products totally adapted to their needs. In Rekom Biotech, we support our customers through the development process to overcome the challenges of applying the recombinant proteins to a specific platform.

We want to mantain our competitiveness through constant innovation in our products. In order to achieve this goal, we encourage continued training and creativity in our team. We give capital importance to participation and collaboration in scientific projects.

100% multidisciplinary team

100% multidisciplinary team

Our team is formed by professional people who come from different knowledge areas: Molecular Biologist PhDs, Chemical Engineer PhDs, Computer Science PhD, chemists, senior laboratory technicians and our sales team. We are deeply involved in the development and the progress of the company and therefore we are in on-going formation.


In Rekom Biotech we have a social responsibility with our team. This responsibility is reflected in flexible working hours and the balance between professional and personal life. We promote continued formation of our team and adopt different measures to maintain motivation and our company objectives.

Our concern for the enviroment has led us to chose an environmentally friendly way of working, also within our team, including the installation of the latest extraction and filtering systems and our protocols for collection of toxic waste.

Corporate social responsibility