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Rekom Biotech in MEDICA 2018


Rekom Biotech in MEDICA 2018

Rekom Biotech has attended to MEDICA 2018. The fair was held in Düsseldorf from November 12th to 15th, 2018. The fair allowed us to consolidate the relationship with our customers as well as to explore new strategic alliances. In addition, we have been able to observe the new trends of the IVD market.


Rekom Biotech, innovation for the detection of infectious diseases from Granada with international success


Rekom Biotech Team

Rekom Biotech appeared on November 8th, 2018 on Extenda TV.. Here you can see the interview with Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO.

This same new was echoed in other digital newspapers, such as Motril Digital or Empresa Exterior.


Rekom Biotech in the 70th AACC Clinical Lab Expo


Rekom Biotech in AACC 2018

Rekom Biotech has attended the 70th AACC Clinical Lab Expo. In this occasion, the trade show was held in Chicago from 31st July to 2nd August. As in previous AACC meetings, the visit had as purpose to consolidate Rekom Biotech’s presence in the US Market and other countries. During the exhibition, our colleagues, Dr. Ana Camacho (CEO & CSO - Ph.D.) and María J. Clavijo (Export Manager), met with customers and potential ones interested in our recombinant antigens range, bio-allergens line, and our custom-made design services. The event has been another successful meeting for Rekom Biotech and we thank all the companies we met with at the trade show. We look forward to the next AACC Clinical Lab Expo.


Project "MULTIFLOW" subsidized


Closing of the project MULTIFLOW

This week, 16th may, 2018, the project "MULTIFLOW" subsidized by the Center for Industrial Technological Development under the FEDER INNTERCONECTA program and carried out by the companies Vitro, Master Diagnostica, Destina Genómica and Rekom Biotech has concluded. The closure of the project was carried out in Seville, in the Vitro facilities. The multidisciplinary team formed by the "MULTIFLOW" consortium has successfully completed all the technical objectives established in the project. From Rekom Biotech we thank our partners in the consortium for the great work and collaboration environment that has characterized the project since its beginnings.


Design at the service of science

Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is endemic to populations throughout the world, and 50-80% of the adults in developed nations are sero-positive for this virus. Commercial ELISAs for detecting IgG are very sensitive and specific. Nevertheless, there are several problems regarding IgM detection. One of the difficulties that the diagnostic laboratory has faced over the past 10 years is the lack of agreement between commercial tests for the detection of CMV-specific IgM. This lack of agreement has its roots in the different viral preparations used to detect IgM antibodies to CMV. Rekom Biotech has performed the design of a new CMV recombinant polyepitope chimeric antigen (RAG0109), composed by different sensitive and specific antigenic determinants from some CMV proteins. This recombinant polyepitope chimeric antigen was tested in parallel with other CMV bio-markers such as the Rekom Biotech CMV recombinant proteins pp150 (RAG0091) and pp52 (RAG0090) and pp65 (RAG0016). The in house indirect IgM ELISA assay was carried out by using a battery of pre-validated sera with the commercial ELISA capture IgM test from Vidas:

Indirect IgM ELISA assay
Figure 1: Indirect IgM ELISA assay. Proteins were coating the plates at a final concentration of 1 µg/ml. All these experiments used anti-IgG as sorbent and anti-IgM-HRP. Sera were used in a 1:100 dilution. P means pre-validated sera by the Vidas test as positive; N means pre-validated sera by the Vidas test as negative.

These preliminary experiments suggest that the recombinant polyepitope chimeric antigen designed and produced by Rekom Biotech, RAG0109, recovers some pre-validated IgM positive sera which are not initially detected by two of the best antigens described in bibliography for CMV diagnosis: pp52 and pp150, showing the presence in merely one antigen of some important epitopes for this specific diagnostic.

To find more interesting information on regards recombinant antigen RAG0109, please click here.

Written by Ana Camacho.