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REKOM BIOTECH apperars in IDEAL newspaper


Rekom Biotech in IDEAL

REKOM BIOTECH appears in the newspaper IDEAL GRANADA in January 12th, 2020. In this article, IDEAL showed to its readers who is Rekom Biotech and Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO of the company, talked about us.


Women Leadership Awards Ceremony


Women Leadership Awards Ceremony 2019

The Women Leadership Awards Ceremony, organized by the IDEAL newspaper, was held on 14th November, 2019. During the event, five businesswomen were honoured, including Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO&CSO of Rekom Biotech that has been awarded with the Most Innovative Project Award. The ceremony took place at the auditorium of the Granada Chamber of Commerce, with the sponsorship of HLA and Volvo.

We, the team of Rekom Biotech, make a great effort in the dedication of our human and material resources in order to carry out an investigation focused on the innovation of our product. This is what makes us different from the rest, and allows us to get closer to our business vision: to become a reference in the design and development of biomarkers for the IVD diagnostic of infectious diseases and allergies. Rekom Biotech was born with an international perspective – right from the beginning, we have planned to be globally competitive in an established and mature market such as is the one for the in vitro diagnostics.

For more information about the event, you can visit this links of the articles of IDEAL newspaper:


Ana Camacho receives the award for the Most Innovative Project of IDEAL


Women Leadership Awards 2019

Ana Camacho, CEO of Rekom Biotech, has been awarded with the Most Innovative Project Award on 10th November, 2019. These recognition, granted by the Women Leadership Awards is organized by the IDEAL newspaper.

With the Women Leadership Awards, IDEAL recognizes the work of five women, entrepreneurs, from Granada, Spain, whose companies have become some of the most important in the city.

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Rekom Biotech, innovation for the detection of infectious diseases from Granada with international success


Rekom Biotech Team

Rekom Biotech appeared on November 8th, 2018 on Extenda TV.. Here you can see the interview with Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO.

This same new was echoed in other digital newspapers, such as Motril Digital or Empresa Exterior.


REKOM BIOTECH in Almuñécar Digital


Rekom Biotech in Almuñécar Digital

Rekom Biotech appeared on November 2017, 2th in Almuñécar digital newspaper.