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REKOM BIOTECH appears in IDEAL as one of the companies from Granada against COVID-19


COVID-19 Research

On 6th April, 2020 , Rekom Biotech appeared in the newspaper IDEAL, where were shown the different projects that exist in Granada (Spain) about COVID-19. One of them is the project of Rekom Biotech, which consists of designing and producing recombinant antigens focused on the spike protein of the virus, as well as a multi-epitope chimera which improve its antigenic capacity. They are being expressed in bacteria and in yeast. "This last expression system could give an antigen with better antigenic characteristics, due to its ability to mimic the native folding of the produced heterologous protein. This would lead to a better biomarker and, consequently, a faster and more accurate diagnostic. We are working on improving the antigenic and physicochemical characteristics of the antigen, so that we can improve its versatility and can be used in the different rapid in vitro diagnostic platforms on the market", said Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO of Rekom Biotech.


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REKOM BIOTECH appears in the newspaper IDEAL in connection with andalusian research projects against COVID-19


On the last 25th March, 2020, Rekom Biotech appeared in the newspaper IDEAL, where more than 30 new Andalusian research projects against the coronavirus were revealed. Companies, research centers, the universities of Granada and Jaén and the new IDEA Agency have presented their initiatives in an online forum organized by the Health Sciences Technology Park. Rekom Biotech presented its work related with the design and development of raw material for rapid tests for detection of COVID-19.

The news was also echoed in newspapers such as Granada Hoy, Diario Sur and Granada Salud.

REKOM BIOTECH appears in IDEAL newspaper


Rekom Biotech in IDEAL

REKOM BIOTECH appears in the newspaper IDEAL GRANADA in January 12th, 2020. In this article, IDEAL showed to its readers who is Rekom Biotech and Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO of the company, talked about us.


Women Leadership Awards Ceremony


Women Leadership Awards Ceremony 2019

The Women Leadership Awards Ceremony, organized by the IDEAL newspaper, was held on 14th November, 2019. During the event, five businesswomen were honoured, including Dr. Ana Camacho, CEO&CSO of Rekom Biotech that has been awarded with the Most Innovative Project Award. The ceremony took place at the auditorium of the Granada Chamber of Commerce, with the sponsorship of HLA and Volvo.


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Ana Camacho receives the award for the Most Innovative Project of IDEAL


Women Leadership Awards 2019

Ana Camacho, CEO of Rekom Biotech, has been awarded with the Most Innovative Project Award on 10th November, 2019. These recognition, granted by the Women Leadership Awards is organized by the IDEAL newspaper.


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