Rekom Biotech has been awarded with a grant from CDTI for its R&D and investment project of COVID-19


The Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), with the support of the ERDF Funds, has chosen to award a grant to R&D and investment projects in order to face the health emergency declared due to COVID-19. The selected projects allow the following: increase the availability of emergency products; contribute to improve the treatment of the disease, as well as the diagnosis and clinical management of patients infected by SARS-CoV-2; contribute to the design, development and implementation of public health measures to respond effectively to the epidemic.

The total amount of projects presented reached the number of 577 and only 9 of them were selected, including Rekom Biotech's one - "PREPARATION OF BIOMARKERS FOR DETECTION OF COVID-19 AND FOR USE IN RAPID TESTS TO MEASURE SEROPREVALENCE IN THE POPULATION".

Rekom Biotech is already commercializing its own recombinant nucleoprotein (C-term) antigen (NP-CTD) for COVID-19 at internationally level, and also the recombinant spyke S1 (RBD) antigen (S1-RBD) for COVID-19. At present, its team is working on improving the development of a COVID-19 chimera to increase the number of epitopes in the recombinant antigen.