REKOM BIOTECH signs a South Korea distribution agreement


New distribution partnership with MORE BIO

We keep growing! Rekom Biotech is pleased to announce that we have just started a new distribution partnership with MoreBio Co., Ltd. From now on, MoreBio will be the responsible company supervising the distribution of our IVD reagents in the Republic of Korea.

As far as international commerce is concerned, we are honored to rely on an experienced and well-established company in South Korea. Their know-how and distribution channels in this country turns them into the perfect partner for us.

MoreBio was founded in 2003, and nowadays it has a broad portfolio of products, such as ELISA kits, antibodies and molecular bioreagents. If you are a Korean company and you want to purchase Rekom Biotech products, do not hesitate to contact them! MoreBio team will guide you with your order.

You can find more information about our distributors here.