Recombinant allergen Ara h 9 for Arachis hypogaea (Peanut)

Arachis hypogaea

Ara h 9 is a lipid transfer protein (LTP) and a major allergen in peanut-allergic patients from the Mediterranean region. Nonspecific lipid transfer proteins (LTPs) represent potent pollen and food allergens. Exist two Ara h 9 isoforms: Ara h 9.01 and Ara h 9.02. The two Ara h 9 isoforms displayed similar IgE reactivity. CD spectroscopy revealed similar secondary structures between Ara h 9 and Pru p 3. The Ara h 9 isoforms showed 62–68% amino acid sequence identity with Pru p 3. In peanut-allergic patients with concomitant peach allergy, Ara h 9 showed a weaker allergenic potency than Pru p 3 in histamine release assays. Therefore, Ara h 9 can induce histamine release from basophils, but to a lesser extent than Pru p 3.

Recombinant allergen for the diagnosis of Arachis hypogaea (Peanut).

Ara h 9
Nonspecific lipid-transfer protein type 1
Ara h 9
> 95% by observation on SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
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RAL0049 New P. pastoris WB, DB, IE, DE, CLIA, LF - Example of a certificate of analysis Material Safety Data Sheet
WB: Western Blot | DB: Dot Blot | IE: Indirect ELISA | DE: positive control in Direct ELISA | CLIA: Chemiluminescent immunoassay | LF: Lateral-Flow | CE: Capture ELISA | DAS: Double Antigen Sandwich ELISA | NP: Nanoparticles binding | PO: Plate orientation | COA: Certificate of analysis | SDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
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