Recombinant antigen HBcAg for Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Hepatitis B virus core protein (HBcAg) is a crucial serology marker of hepatitis B infection and patient follow-up. It is a 21-kDa protein with the intrinsic capacity to self-assemble as a capsid-like particle. It is a nuclear protein that self-assembles during viral replication in liver cells to form a regular 20-hedron structure. It is observed with great frequency in immunosuppressed patients with chronic hepatitis. A good An anti-HBc is important in the identification of HBV-infected individuals who are negative for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), but are positive for anti-HBc, in an effort to prevent the contamination of blood transfusion products with HBV.

Recombinant antigen for the diagnosis of Hepatitis B, a human infectious disease.

Core antigen assembled as capsid-like particles
core domain plus a 34-residue arginine-rich domain
> 95% by observation on SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
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SKU Source Applications In-house validation Details
RAG0056 E. coli WB, DB, IE, DE, CLIA, LF ELISA Example of a certificate of analysis Material Safety Data Sheet
WB: Western Blot | DB: Dot Blot | IE: Indirect ELISA | DE: positive control in Direct ELISA | CLIA: Chemiluminescent immunoassay | LF: Lateral-Flow | CE: Capture ELISA | DAS: Double Antigen Sandwich ELISA | NP: Nanoparticles binding | PO: Plate orientation | COA: Certificate of analysis | SDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
Liquid solution or dry powder (lyophilised) in vials of 0.1 mg*, 1 mg and bulk
* under availability, for liquid format
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