Recombinant antigen NcGRA7 for Neospora caninum

Neospora caninum

GRA7 is an excretory Neospora caninum dense granule antigen and a highly immunogenic protein of the parasite. Although GRA proteins appear to be related to intracellular parasite development, previous studies revealed that NcGRA7 might be involved in the initial host cell invasion process of N. caninum. Some published studies showed high specificity and intense signal conferred by monoclonal Ab produced against NcGRA7, which render them as strong candidates for use in developing a competitive ELISA for diagnosis of N. caninum infection. This technique would be especially useful in dogs, for which current serological techniques lack the sensitivity and specificity of those used in bovines (Silva et al. 2007, Ghalmi et al. 2009).

Recombinant antigen for the diagnosis of Neosporosis caused by Neospora caninum, an animal infectious disease (mainly warm-blooded mammals, mainly dogs and cattle).

Dense granule antigen GRA7
> 95% by observation on SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
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RAG0024 E. coli WB, DB, IE, DE, CLIA, LF - Example of a certificate of analysis Material Safety Data Sheet
RAG0024BIOT (biotinylated) E. coli WB, DB, CE, NP, PO - Example of a certificate of analysis Material Safety Data Sheet
WB: Western Blot | DB: Dot Blot | IE: Indirect ELISA | DE: positive control in Direct ELISA | CLIA: Chemiluminescent immunoassay | LF: Lateral-Flow | CE: Capture ELISA | DAS: Double Antigen Sandwich ELISA | NP: Nanoparticles binding | PO: Plate orientation | COA: Certificate of analysis | SDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
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